Friday, April 25, 2008

Bogged Down!

I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel with this semester! I've still got a few papers, paintings, and presentations to do, but I've gotten a few of the major things out of the way. The weather has also been wonderful for the last week or so, and it was fun to see the field behind our apartment turn from brown to bright green in a matter of two days.
One of the big things I got out of the way last week was my Eco Art Project. I ended up making 7 reusable crocheted grocery bags, 10 reusable sewn tote bags, 22 skeins of hand-dyed recycled yarn, and a free pattern to boot. Everything I made was handmade from recycled material or yarn, so it fit within the 'eco' concept.
My favorite thing is this shirtdress that I made for the 'fashion show'.

The top is knit out of hand-dyed recycled yarn, and the bottom is made from a XL mens t-shirt. It is super cute, and I will try to get a picture of me wearing it at some point, but for now it is being shown on my handy dandy packing tape dress form that is stuffed with old plastic bags.

Also, here is Mr. Bo, he is so happy we can open the windows finally!
Even thought this semester has been nuts, I've been making a huge effort to cook more. This is something I whipped up last night, but I do believe it will become a staple in this household. It is my 'random ingredient' tomato soup with open faced brie sandwiches. Yum. I'll try to write down the recipe next time so I can share it with you all. :)