Saturday, July 26, 2008

Re-Spinning and Future Projects

I've been working on some new recycled yarns for my etsy shop. These are yarns that I took apart from sweaters, then re-spun into a heavier weight with twist so that they are easy to knit up and don't snag like most recycled yarn will. I'm also trying to offer more of a variety of fibers in my shop, so these yarns fit right in.
This is a sweater I started with some of the recycled yarn. I'm also working on a baby sweater with the yarn as well, but I'll wait to post it until it is delivered to the recipient. It knits up really nicely, and it is slready pre-shrunk so I don't need to worry about it changing shape on me.
Bo also says hi. He thinks he's so special. This is one of his favorite perches.
So far this summer I've been taking a bit of a break from painting. I've gotten a few things done, but now I'm starting to gain momentum again. I'm going to try to take a fibers class this semester, so I'm working on research and ideas for some new projects. This is a sneak peak of what I'm working on, more to come later.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

DaWanda Shop!

I've been contemplating opening another Etsy shop for just my jewelry, but instead I'm trying out DaWanda to list my necklaces on. It really can't hurt because it is completely free to list things. It is a European version of Etsy, so everything is done in Euros, but it allows me to be pretty competitive because the exchange rate is in my favor.
Here's what I've been working on for my DaWanda shop:They are all made from polymer clay which I love because it is so lightweight for its sturdyness. I was taking inspiration from some of my favorite things around the house. This was an onion flower I found that someone had discarded in the garden, and I thought it was realy pretty.
And then there is this mug, I used to have two of them, but sadly one is chipped. These are stamped with a stamps I got while in Milwaukee last week. They are so lovely, I've been wearing my necklace I made with the topmost one all day. And Bobo wanted to 'stop and smell the flowers' a bit while I was taking pics. What a great little helper, eh?
Anyways, if you are intersted, come check me out at DaWanda here:
I'll also be listing some in my Etsy shop in the next few days, so look for some there as well!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Travels and Things..

I dyed up these nice blue skeins of yarn that were unraveled from a sweater the other day, and now I'm trying to find a pattern for them. I'm thinking of a shrug or cardi of some sort, but haven't decided yet. It is super soft (merino/angora/rayon blend) and lightweight. There's about 850 yards of it, so I've got a bit to work with.
I'm also making progress on my scarf, but that was thwarted when one of my knitting needles mysteriously vanished from the face of the planet. I don't know how I always manage to lose my nice bamboo knitting needles, but I do..
Even though I haven't been working this summer, I still feel like I've been keeping super busy. In the last few weeks we went to Chicago (to see Josh Ritter with Nate's family) and then to Milwaukee to see John Mayer at Summerfest, shop in the Third Ward, eat lots o' good food, and visit the Grandma & Grandpa C. Here is a shot that Nate's Dad took of me kicking my feet back in an Eames chair at a swanky furniture shop in the Third Ward.

Monday, July 7, 2008

FO: Bold and Bulky Mini Cardi

This is still waiting to dry as I type. I finished it last night at the local Stitch & Bitch, and I love it! It was made with a recycled 50/50 wool/acrylic mix that was mighty soft and very lightweight. I'll get some pics of it on as soon as it dries.
Here's the shell buttons I used:I didn't post any progress pics because I finished it so quickly!
When I first saw the pattern in Stefanie Japel's book Fitted Knits I wasn't immediately sold because of the colors used in the books example, but after seeing Julie's beautiful cardi over at Team Knit using only one color, I was smitten.

In other news, I started another shopping bag with some yarn in the stash. I may rewrite the pattern with this handle instead. It looks a little bit nicer I believe. :)

I also picked up some sale items this weekend that I'm planning on making into a bag of some sort. Maybe I'll write up a pattern?I've also got to update soon on all of the adventures I've been going on lately. I can't believe how busy this summer has been!

Progress in the Garden

Even though we got a late start, everything is coming up so far in the garden. Some things may not get big enough by the time winter comes, but these are some of the things that are doing really well so far:

Thai Basil- Smells D-lish, can't wait to add some to my curry!

Spinach- tastes great.
Cucumbers - Looking good so far

Zucchini- again, going to be used in curry.
And a baby birdie! Don't worry, we won't be eating him. He hangs out in the mulberry tree that is right by the garden.