Thursday, July 26, 2007

$12 = Awesomeness

I almost died when I saw this lovely cabinet at the thrift store the other day, especially after I saw the price tag! I somehow managed to fit it into my Corolla and carry it all of the way across my parking lot and up the stairs to my apartment. It was quite the feat, but well worth it indeed. It matches all of our furniture that we already have, and although we are going to be moving in a week or so, I still believe it will be worth the extra effort of moving it, don't you?
As far as yarn making goes, here is my latest skein of yarn where I experimented with coils for the first time. I think I may be keeping this one for myself :) After I made it, I was going to make myself some dinner, and thought to myself, "hmmm, don't I have some hummus already made up?" much to my disappointment, it was was in a sad sad state..... My sadness was quickly vanquished though when I sat the nasty rotten hummus next to my beautiful yarn, and they were the same colors! Go figure...
Nate and I are going to dinner at Tony's tonight, and I am kind of sad because it will be one of the last little gatherings we will have here in Oshkosh before we move to Sycamore. I'm sure there will be good food though, as Tony is a most excellent (albeit messy) cook.


Team Knit ! said...

I can see the post now; "NEW FO: My hummus fungus Bolero w/Tut"

I like color play between the thicker curly ply and the contrasting thinners. I haven't checked out your etsy shp just yet...but do you do custom orders?

Lucky steal on that cabinet, btw. :)

Cassiemarie said...

It is one of my favorite skeins I've done :)
Also, yes I do custom orders, if you are thinking of something, just let me know!

Team Knit ! said...

oh cassie, you wait. next brainstorm. :)