Sunday, September 9, 2007

Start of School

I'm sorry if this blog becomes more art oriented these next few months, school has started again for me, and that's about all I'm finding I have time for. I'm sure I squeeze in a little crafting here and there though! :)
I've been working on a self portrait this last week, and this is the "progression":

I'm not completely finished with it , I still need to add some cool tones in the flesh, and finish a lot of the really detailed areas. I'm fairly happy with it so far though.
My grandparents visited our new apartment (see the messiness in the backround still...) yesterday, and it was a nice time. Hi grandma!! (she's my most avid blog reader)
They brought a desk over for me which is really perfect for our apartment. We have a fairly large living room, so I wanted to split it up into the couch/tv area, and a study area, now I've just got to find a place for my beloved green chair... I'll post pics of my lovely new desk when I get the study area organized. I've also been working on painting and decorating my studio this next week. Last but not least, my dad also started a blog, which can be found here.
I'm off to watch the Packers!


stars said...

I love your painting! It is so beautiful. I will enjoy seeing your artwork throughout your semesters at NIU.

stars said...

I love your painting! I look forward to seeing more.

obrazu said...

Hi Cassie, I'm guessing you mean your dad and not Nate's dad, you have two now :D

Anywho, his blog is invite only, could you get him to invite me please :D

Karen June said...

Your painting is stunning! I hope you keep sharing your work from school!

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Your self portrait is wonderful, but you look so serious for such a young woman. I do enjoy seeing your work though and hope you continue to share it in your blog.