Friday, January 11, 2008


I just finished this scarf that I've been working on FOREVER!!!It is made from a discontinued 80% acrylic/20% wool blend yarn that I got at the thrift store.
The scarf pattern is my own, and I hope to eventually make a matching hat pattern.
I am finally starting to feel ready for the next semester. I think it will go a lot smoother than last semester because I won't have to deal with the 'what the hell am I doing' crisis- hahah! Anyone who is an artist will know exactly what I mean by that.
I am also starting to get excited for my classes to start. I'm taking an Eco Art class that should be really interesting, six credits of painting, 20th century Art History, and an Art Pedagogy class. I took a break from painting over winter break to help regain some momentum. I am really looking forward to getting back to painting. I got a set of casein paints and some water soluble oil paints for Christmas, so I'm excited to try those out and see what they can do for my art.
Nate's parents are coming up this weekend for a playoff watching/Nate's birthday extravaganza. I am going to *attempt* to make fried cheese wontons to celebrate the occasion.
Go Packers!


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Oooo...that scarf is gorgeous! Have fun strutting around all winter in that! :)

Jewelry making is such fun! I've always loved your pendants.. but I'm not really skilled in drawing.. so I rely on the beads & charms. My owlies bring me particular joy though! I just love the simple elegance to it. One large charm & leather straps. nice.

Karen June said...

Love your new scarf! I love all of the texture. Good luck this semester...hope you share some more of your work again!

Cindy said...

Great scarf! Good luck - I think your upcoming semester sounds like a lot of fun!

blueberries in the fields said...

absolutely lovely ! I love the pattern, is it easy to do ?

The Happy College Knitter said...

That looks so cozy and warm! Love it :)