Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rings and Things

Nate and I celebrated Valentines day the weekend after valentines in Chicago. You can read about it at his blog here. I am bringing this up so that I can show you the lovely ring he got for me! It is made from an antique spoon, and sized to fit. I really love it!
If you want to get your own, you should go to LTCreatesJewelry's website on Etsy.
I'm also in love with the watches :)
Today I got a chance to go to the thrift store between classes, and got a bunch of great clothes.
Other than a little fun, there has been a LOT of painting going on here:
This painting is still in progress, I've probably got about 6-7 hours to go on it.
I've also been working on some oil paintings. I have two done and one in progress as of now. Thats about it for now, I'm exhausted and its only Tuesday! Yikes!

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