Monday, July 7, 2008

FO: Bold and Bulky Mini Cardi

This is still waiting to dry as I type. I finished it last night at the local Stitch & Bitch, and I love it! It was made with a recycled 50/50 wool/acrylic mix that was mighty soft and very lightweight. I'll get some pics of it on as soon as it dries.
Here's the shell buttons I used:I didn't post any progress pics because I finished it so quickly!
When I first saw the pattern in Stefanie Japel's book Fitted Knits I wasn't immediately sold because of the colors used in the books example, but after seeing Julie's beautiful cardi over at Team Knit using only one color, I was smitten.

In other news, I started another shopping bag with some yarn in the stash. I may rewrite the pattern with this handle instead. It looks a little bit nicer I believe. :)

I also picked up some sale items this weekend that I'm planning on making into a bag of some sort. Maybe I'll write up a pattern?I've also got to update soon on all of the adventures I've been going on lately. I can't believe how busy this summer has been!


Team Knit ! said...

your cardi looks fantastic! Great button choice. I hope some modelled shots are coming soon!! ; )

- Julie

Karen June said...

I'm smitten with that cardi too! Cute!

Cassiemarie said...

Thanks guys!