Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sneak Previews, and Brrrr!

Between school and teaching I've been able to sneak in a surprising amount of knits and weaving.
The first is a scarf that I wove from Cascade 220 (weft) and Brown Sheep Nature Spun (warp). I only used about 1 skein of each. I am still amazed by how little yarn I use when weaving!
I am also giving you a sneak peak of some projects I am working on writing up patterns for. The first is a bulky cabled hat. I will hopefully have it written up by Christmas. :) It is a super quick knit, and less thank one skein of either Lion Brand Chunky or Brown Sheep Lambs Pride. This one is knit in Lamb's Pride.Lastly, there is the wonder cowl! I love it. It is the perfect winter accessory here in the north. I am always cold, and it looks cute with a jacket and with a sweater inside.
That's all for now folks. We are heading in to the last few weeks of the semester, so posts may be a little more sparse! Wish me luck!


hibou said...

What a great post full of lovely goods! Your photos look so professional too! Good luck with the end of semester.

A Beautiful Party said...

wow, cassie! everything looks great! check out my blog because i gave you an award!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Hey Cassie,
Can I call on a super-duper favor? Can you post something about this to your blog?

I'm trying to get this charity-project word out. It's simple hand-knit ornaments that I'm trying to make/get enough made for a certain nursing home. I need to do this before Christmas, so you might see my dilemna. It would be amazing if you could help! :)

Thanks a bunch in advance!!!! :)

btw-cute knits going on! Love them!