Friday, July 17, 2009

I didn't fall off the face of the planet, but I got close.

Garden of the Gods - 006
You may have noticed I've been absent here for a while! Nate and I got back from a week and a half road trip a few days ago, and we left all internet and technology behind. We went to Garden of the Gods, Sand Dunes National Park, Mesa Verde, Arches National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. We had a really great time, and amazingly enough our marriage is still intact despite over 3,000 miles in a toyota corolla filled with camping gear! The weather stayed wonderful, and our tent didn't get rained on once. This probably also helped with the mood of the trip!
Our first day was spent driving from Wisconsin to Colorado Springs. The 15 hour drive went really well, even towards the end. We brought along some new CD's, and made a few coffee stops. We got to Colorado Springs at about 10 pm, and crashed at a fly-by-night motel. Early the next morning we headed to Garden of the Gods, a free park right outside of Colorado Springs. It was a good place to start our trip.
The view from the visitors center:
Garden of the Gods - 004
Walking through the 'garden':
Garden of the Gods - 003
The giant rock walls:
Garden of the Gods - 008
Garden of the Gods - 005
Balanced Rock:
Garden of the Gods - 002
Nate and I -- caffeinated and ready to face the day!
Garden of the Gods - 001
We drove to Sand Dunes later that day, but I'll post more on that later today as I get the photos edited! Stay tuned!


Anna said...

Wow-what a beautiful place to vacation!!

A Beautiful Party said...

i'm glad you're back! i want the grandmother club to take a field trip to see harry potter!

Lrc said...

wow! beautiful scenery! I took a road trip with my bf a couple of months ago to California...makes me want to see more of our u.s. of a! thanks for sharing the pics