Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This my friends is what the NIU campus looked like last Saturday when the river going through town flooded due to the immense amounts of rain we were having last week here in the midwest. There were a lot of homes flooded and only one bridge (which was already closed to one lane due to construction) that was still usable on Saturday.
I've also started some of my classes this week, and it is going pretty well considering that orientation was canceled due to the flooding. Also new this week are two new members to our family, Bo and Rascal, two little kittens that we fell in love with from the humane society. They are brother and sister, and they are adorable! I'm going to post some pics later this week, so prepare to be in awe of their cuteness. They have been extremely well behaved and super affectionate, so we really couldn't have asked for anything more.
Last but not least, I spun up some yarn last week from some beautiful merino/mohair roving that I had gotten when I had picked up my spinning wheel.

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