Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cassiemarie's Crocheted Soap Saver - Free Pattern

About this pattern:
This soap saver is perfect for holding bar soap, recycling small soap pieces, and for using up leftover yarn scraps. It will save you a little money as well. It is crocheted in the round from the top down. The drawstring is crocheted separately, and then woven through the holes in the top of the pouch. You can use the drawstring to hang the soap saver in your bathroom.

- Size H Crochet Hook (Go up to a J Hook if you Crochet Tightly)
- About 35 Yards of Lily Sugar'n Cream Yarn


CH- Chain
SL- Slip Stitch
SC- Single Crochet

1. CH 24, SL to join into a ring.
2. SC 2 rounds.
3. (SC 2, CH 2, SK 2 ST) Repeat 5 more times. This row forms the spaces that you will weave the drawstring through. (1 round)
4. (SC 1, SC 3 in the space left by the CH 2 in the previous row) Repeat 5 times. (1 round)
5. SC into the back loop of each stitch for 10 rounds. This creates a very elastic fabric that will stretch to fit most normal sized soaps.
6. To close the bottom of the bag, lay the bag flat and SC through both sides of the bag. Pull the yarn through the last stitch to create a knot and weave in the ends.
7. To create the drawstring, CH until you have a length of about 12 inches. Pull end of yarn through the last stitch to make a knot. This is your drawstring. Weave it through the spaces created by the chain stitches in the 3rd step. Tie a knot at the end to form a loop, insert your soap or soap pieces, and tie another knot to secure it.
Use of Pattern:
If you would like to post about this pattern on your website or blog, please include a link to this entry. Copyright 2008 Cassie Edwards - All Rights Reserved. You may use this pattern to crochet items for personal use or charity. You may not sell the pattern itself, or items made using pattern under any circumstances, neither individually nor in any compilation of patterns. You may not copy this pattern and post it elsewhere, not on a web page, nor message board, nor via e-mail, nor via any other electronic means. If you make modifications to the pattern, please only post the modifications you made, not the entire modified pattern. Thanks! :)


hibou said...

Ingenious! Well done!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. I appreciate it!

Ann Hedonia said...

Thanks - this was so fast and easy. I am going to make one for my Zune next.

Alesha W. said...

I just wanted to thank you for this pattern. It was super easy and quick. All the ones I have found online are so complicated! Thanks again!

Liesel said...

That's lovely!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I've had such a hard time finding a pattern that I liked, but now I have it! Thanks again

fairyhedgehog said...

That made up beautifully! Thank you!

Andie Schweizer said...

Hi there! I love this! :) I'm a beginner.. and I'm not sure if I started it wrong, or fudged something up along the way, or what, but my little soap saver doesn't look quite like yours.. How many big spaces are there supposed to be at the top for the draw string? If I post a link to a picture of it, could you look at it and see if maybe you could point out what I did wrong? It also isn't quite big enough for the soap I use... I use Dove soap. I need one of these to take to the gym with me.. when I use bars of soap, I prefer Dove, or I'd just go for something smaller! :)

Thanks for your time! :)
- Andie

Anonymous said...

I have limited experience with crocheting, and tried this pattern without success. After several attempts I quit, and went on to another project.

Each time I tried to join the chain (first step), I ended up creating a Mobius strip. Is there any chance you can clarify how to correctly join the ends of the chain to form a circle without a twist in it.

I'd really like to make this, but I'm just too frustrated.


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Laura said...
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Laura said...

I have a question, on round 4, you say to sc 3 in each ch 2 space? Shouldn't that be sc 2 in each ch2 space? With the 3 sc in each space, my bag gets bigger at the sides instead of having straight sides. Can you please help me? Thanks!