Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recipe Box and Salt & Pepper Shaker Revamp Project

I went thrifing yesterday and came back with a bunch of wooden things for around the kitchen with the idea that I would paint them to give them a whole new life. I forgot to get a before picture of the recipe box, but imagine a dark brown box with ugly 70's style flowers in green and red. Here is the after shot:Detail of the painted doilies -- I did these with a toothpick, far easier than using a paintbrush for this kind of thing.
I was on a roll, so then I decided to refinish these old salt and pepper shakers. I loved the shape of these, very mid-century modern. The finish was flaking off though, and they were in pretty bad shape. These pictures are a bit decieving. They were pretty nasty. But I saw their potential and $.50 later they were mine.
Before painting them, I sanded off what was left of their previous finish. I covered the brass tops with painter's tape so I wouldn't accidentaly scratch the finish. After that, I washed them off, and applied two thin coats of grey acrylic paint. Then I painted on the doily design with a toothpick again. I love these now!! They are so adorable. I also bought a giant wooden tray and a gray vase that I plan on revamping as well, but I'm not sure if I will paint the tray or try to refinish it somehow. More on that later though. :)


KathyMarie said...

Beautiful! I love the idea of refinishing thrift store finds, and the shakers look amazing.

A Beautiful Party said...

wow these pieces are gorgeous! you're so productive.

~V said...

I love this! I am constantly amazed at your creative projects/ideas. Your a machine, I swear! :) If I only had half of your creative output I would be a VERY happy gal.. I hope to visit you soon, to see some of these beauties in person! :) Keep on rockin it out girlie :)