Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Happy Birthday Molls!Despite a few tornado warnings and massive flooding back near my hometown, I made it back last weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday and Father's Day. For Molly's birthday, her and I went out bright and early to catch breakfast at the Cooks Room. After each having some chai/coffee and having a slice of the BEST lemon cranberry bread, Nate and I surprised her with a one hour massage. The rest of the day was spent with the rest of the family. Molly wanted to eat Mexican for lunch and then we went to the movies. I think she had a very good time. :)

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Mackenzie said...

Thanks for the advice! I hadn't even thought to use fabric for the strap, but I definitely should.

And I hate weaving in the ends too! I kind of just cheat and tie a couple together and tuck them in somewhere. Oh well.