Monday, June 2, 2008

Entrelac Scarf!

Two things quickly:
First, today I started this little pretty, it is going to be a scarf eventually. It has been good knitting while I watch episodes of frontline on the PBS website. They have all of the past few years' episodes online! I'm loving how the yarn is working up as well. Yum! This is the yarn I was spinning from a few posts ago. It is single-ply light worsted weight yarn and I spun about 450 yards worth of it.
Secondly, I am in DIRE need of a haircut! I'm beginning to look like Cousin It, and it is starting to get hot here. I think I am going to get 3-4 inches cut off, and get it totally thinned out. I have SUPER thick hair and it is actually starting to make my neck hurt when I wear it up for any amount of time. Who knows, maybe I'll cut it really short. I've been known to do that in the past. :)
As you can probably tell, I was too lazy to bust out the nice camera tonight and instead I took the shots with my webcam. Sorry folks! :P


Team Knit ! said...

that entrelac scarf is looking gorgeous! I was wondering what yarn you were using- handspun! That's awesome. I wish I had thick hair- I spend most of my time trying to make my fine hair do anything other than go flat like Cher's, circa 1960. Funny how when it comes to hair, we always want something we don't have! ;)

- Julie

juicyknits said...

The scarf is great! I love the colours!