Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I am embracing what little is left of my all-too-short winter break with some intense crafting sessions! Last weekend I took full advantage of the fact that I had the house to myself all Saturday while Nate was at work, and I dyed about 2.5 lbs of merino and about 1 lb of bulky recycled wool/angora blend yarn.
This is the merino roving, I dyed 11 different sections, each about 3-4 oz each. This is the recycled yarn that I dyed. It is about 600 yards of bulky weight yarn, and I'm hoping to use it for a sweater. It is 70% Merino/20% Angora/10% Nylon. Right now I'm in the pattern hunting phase :)
So after about 4 hours of dyeing, I was in dire need for some liquid refreshment. Nate got home, and we decided to crack out the ol' drink mixing book. A few minutes later we were enjoying some wonderful chocolate coffee martinis!Note the expression of pure joy on his face. Priceless!
For all of you who would like to make these for yourselves, here you go:

Cassie's "I'm not ready to start the semester yet" Martini's
-1/2 shot Coffee Liqueur
-1/2 shot Creme de Cacao
-1 shot Vodka (Svedka)
-1/8 cup Milk
-Whipped Cream

Pour the Coffee Liqueur, Creme de Cacao, Vodka, Milk, and a small bit of whipped cream into a martini shaker with some ice. Shake, Shake, Shake!! Pour contents into martini glass (or a wine glass if you are to poor to buy martini glasses) and top with a tiny bit more whipped cream. Sprinkle top with hot cocoa mix, and you are done!


Yarn Tails said...

Came across your blog through another. Your dying job looks wonderful. Do you spin yourself? I just started spinning last summer and love it.

The drink sounds really yummy and my daughter would probably love it if she was old enough to drink it. LOL

Team Knit ! said...

girl, i would kill to have the space to dye that much yarn. *jealous*

what are yous made out of? I'm having trouble locating ones like the ones in the pics :(