Monday, April 30, 2007


My sister came up to visit yesterday with two of her friends, and we had a good time basking in the beautiful weather! We went shopping, soaked in the sun at the beach, and made some necklaces. Our most exciting moment involved a volleyball rolling into lake Winnebago, the wind blowing it pretty far out, and a drunk, creepy, fully clothed man jumping into the lake to retrieve it. Also, I almost drove away without Maggie--whoops! Hopefully when I get my car I will be able to return the visit!
Today, Jackie and I went shopping in Neenah and Appleton. We did a tour of organic food stores, knitting, beading, and crafting stores. I keep bothering Jackie to start a blog--hopefully my persistence will pay off. We were both amazed at the gluten-free selection at the organic food store, I got gluten-free brownie mix, mac and cheese, and a bunch of different instant curry mixes. Yum! The woman at the checkout saw that I had gluten-free mac and cheese mix, and she asked if I meant to get real mac and cheese... That is perfect proof that most gluten-free food is just a little gross.
All in all, a pretty exciting few days.

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