Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Works in Progress

This week my dad came up to Oshkosh for a few days to help me look for cars, watch my sister play in her 6v6 soccer tournament, and just to visit in general. He also brought Sid who was very well behaved the whole time. Every time my dad and I pulled into a car lot, Sid would start to get anxious and start whimpering because he knew we were going to be leaving him alone in the car for a while. I am under the belief that Sid is half cat. He woke me up his last morning here by jumping up on my stomach. When I opened my eyes Sid is sitting on my stomach with a little ball of cotton yarn shoved in his mouth. He is the strangest little dog...

I have also been working on dyeing some roving for my Etsy Shop. I am dyeing them in 4oz. batches, and trying out my acid dyes for the first time as well. I feel pretty bad-ass with my dust mask and acid dyes. I will have pictures later this week of the dried roving.

To dye the roving, I first soak it in water for about an hour or so to get it fully wet. Then I slightly ring them out (without agitating) and lay them in a big glass baking dish. After that I mix my dye in a 10% Vinegar (acid sets the dye) and 90%water mixture, and paint the yarn with the dye. Lastly I set the dye by heating it in the microwave.


Karen Beth said...

Great blog you have here! It is always so nice to find Etsians' blogs to peruse.

Your yarn dyeing hobby is intriguing. When I first glanced over this blog entry, I wasn't sure what that was in the pan. I was relieved to read that it was yarn. :)

Hope you are having a lovely day!

Cassiemarie said...

I always thought it looked like intestines- hah!