Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goals for the Summer...

My first goal I have for this summer is to completely beef up my Etsy site by crafting through my enormous yarn, cloth, and jewelry stashes. I'm making an honest effort to cut down on what I own, and making some money off of it wouldn't hurt. :)
So we begin with project #1 for the summer, the simple armwarmers:I'm going to be writing up a free pattern for these for you all as well. They are perfect for the buy-one-skein-sickness that I seem to suffer from. Don't you love the mustard yellow?
Another big goal for this summer is to cook often and cook well. I made these pretties last night, they are pretty much a staple around here. Its just grilled portabella mushrooms on nice bread. We season them slightly and then put them on the griddle with a little olive oil. So easy and so good. Also, those are sweet potato fries (from trader joe's) in the background-- not cheetos as this photo may try to convince you. Lastly, those are Nate's man-hands, not mine. :)
Well, more goals later, I'm off to eat some dinner!

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Connie said...

dinner looks good :)