Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Items AND Happy Birthday Bo & Rascal!

I've been crafting up a storm the last few days in effort to bulk up my Etsy shop!
Here are some of the results:
Two crocheted button cuffs -- these are made from scrap yarns I had lying around the house and random buttons. They are really lightweight and cute. :)I've also been painting some little wood blocks with acrylics. I think they would be super cute in a kids room or any small space that needs to be brightened up.

Yesterday was Bobo and Rascal's first birthday!! Nate and I made them mini catfood cakes and had a nice relaxed night at home. Here is a picture of our happy little kitties ( who aren't that little anymore!) Happy Birthday!!
Thats it for now, I've been relaxing and taking full advantage of the fact that my semester is over. :)
More later!


The Happy College Knitter said...

Those bracelets are adorable--nicely done!

Happy birthday kitties :)

Mackenzie said...

Thank you! I'm hoping to finish it up by the weekend.

Love the cuffs by the way! Buttons and yarn are always a delightful combo.

Cassiemarie said...

Thanks guys!!
(the kitties say thanks too)