Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cannot Wait to Start Gardening!!

Our landlord is tilling the gardens this next week ( I know, we have an awesome landlord right?? ) and I can't wait to get out there and plant!! Some of the things that grew really well last year were the Thai Basil, Zinnias, and Green Beans. I am going to do a lot more beans this year because they are so easy to freeze and use later.
On the list for the garden this year is:
- Beans
- Tomatoes
- Yellow Tomatoes
- Spinach
- Jalapenos
- Red Peppers
- Zucchini
- Armenian Cucumbers
- Carrots
- Green Onions
- Chives
- Cilantro
- Sunflowers and Zinnias

I know this year will go better than last year for sure! I will be starting a whole month earlier, and that will make a huge difference. We are past the date for the last frost, so I am going to put everything in the ground right away next week.

Do you guys in the midwest have any good ideas for mulching?? I was a little bit overtaken by weeds last year, so I would love to be able to avoid some of that this year. :) Thanks!


carolynswafford said...

Waste Management has either free or super cheap mulch made out of the sticks and brush they pick up. I would suggest a thick layer of that to keep down the weeds. This year looks to be much better because we'll be able to plant on time, unlike last year.

highflyinsm said...

I know!! I hadn't heard they were going to start tilling it up this week! That means we can plant soon yay!! I have herbs started inside already!

Anna said...

This year I am going to conquer the weeds in my garden by building a couple of 4ft. X 4ft. boxes and rotating crops in these.
I've tried plastic/straw/grass clippings and weeds always win over the crops in traditional row gardens.
Good luck with your expanded garden list!

Cassiemarie said...

Carolyn, thanks for the info!!

Mary, they were supposed to till it on the first!! ugh....

anna, I can't wait to do this when I've got a house-- i am so sick of living in an apartment!