Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thrifted Bag Redo and a Continuation of the Sweater Project

I had been looking for a nice leather bag for a while. I have a few stipulations when it comes to bags. First, they've got to have a long strap. I am always doing stuff with my hands, and I hate having to keep a handbag on my arm. Also, it can't be too big. I hate huge bags-- that's what backpacks are for. So I went to the thrifting Tuesday and found this pretty:
But, it needed something. Lace!! I sewed some of my vintage lace onto the purse on the train into Chicago yesterday. End result = LOVE!It was the perfect size for walking around the city all day. I could fit my sketchbook, wallet, small digital camera, and my cell phone perfectly.
I also made some progress on the Sweater Project. I spun these up this weekend, and they are drying - they take sooo long to dry because they are bulky and cotton.
I'm going to post some pics of our Chicago adventure later today or early tomorrow. The lecture we went to was amazing as well, I'll post a link to the podcast once it is posted on the art institute's blog. :)


Team Knit ! said...

The finished result on that bag is awesome! I'm loving lacy details right now.

- Julie

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Omg. So I went to the thrift shop the other day and bought a few sweaters...and I can't unravel them for the life of me. I undid the seams at the side, but for some reason, the yarn doesn't want to unravel out of the sweater. Help!

hibou said...

Wow, great job on your purse! And to Knitting Up A Storm: I've heard that putting the garment in the freezer helps. It's so crazy, it just could work!