Friday, May 29, 2009

Unintetional Day of Unaccomplishment...

I was planning on doing things today, but a sneeze ruined my day. No kidding.
I was putting on my makeup this morning - to do so I need to lean in towards the mirror because my vision is terrible - and I had to sneeze. Rather than sneeze directly onto the mirror (gross) I tilted my head to the side.
Bad idea.
I tore a bunch of muscles around my neck, and was in the worst pain. As of now I am still pretty much immobile. I just got back from the doctor at the student health center (she was an awesome little lady) and four x-rays later she told me that there was no permanent damage, just some torn muscles and tendons. Despite the pain, it is still pretty funny. Who sneezes that violently!? Me apparently. Ahhhh well.
The downside to all of this is that I won't be able to participate in the craft fair I was going to do tomorrow. There is no way I am going to haul anything anywhere. I have a John-McCain like limitation of my arm movement, and still have a lot of pain just sitting still. :(
Oh well, maybe I'll list some things on Etsy instead.
Anyways, I did want to share this documentary I saw yesterday with you guys. It was done as a collaboration between Frontline and Sharmeen Obaid and it focuses on children in Pakistan who and how the Taliban is impacting their lives. Sharmeen is an amazing woman - this documentary is one of the best things I've ever seen on television, and people like her are literally risking their lives to good through documentaries. It is such a contrast to the snarkyness that prevails in the Bill Mahr/Michael Moore variety of 'documentaries' (sorry to those out love their documentaries, they've never done it for me...). Please go watch it:

Pakistan: Children of the Taliban

I think some of the strongest messages that this documentary points out is the connection between poverty and violence, and the importance education plays in keeping children from being manipulated by the Taliban. One of the most emotional scenes for me was when Sharmeen interviewed two girls whose school had been destroyed by the Taliban. Because of Taliban rule in their area, they were going to start having to wear burkas and could no longer receive an education. They said that school was like a ray of light in a dark world, and they thought it was unfair they could no longer attend. So sad.


Jacqueline said...

Oh honey...I am calling you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

i combo sneezed & coughed while brushing my teeth & slipped a disc in my lower back. I didn't move for 2 days. Feel better soon!


Anonymous said...

Yikes. I could see something like that happening to me. I've definitely sneezed early in the morning and hurt my neck before- but never as bad as it sounds with you. Hope things improve soon.

the.grants said...

Hope you are feeling better! I just got through a week + of Pneumonia and it is just no fun to be under the weather!

Cassiemarie said...

Jackie - Thanks for the call!! :)

Trixy - we are a talented bunch - hahah, I'm feeling much better now.

Asha - Thanks, feeling much better now!! :)

the grants - hope you feel better too!