Thursday, June 25, 2009

Apple, Radish, and Chive Salad

My radishes are growing really well so far, and I've been getting about 4-5 of them every day when I go out to the garden. The chives are also growing pretty prolifically this year as well. The first year I planted them they were super wimpy, but they are perennials so this year they came in really thick!
All of the stars aligned, and this salad was born!
apple radish salad
It is made from 4-5 radishes, one granny smith apple, chopped chives, 1tsp flax seed, and a tablespoon of creamy poppy seed dressing (I used Brianna's). I tossed the salad before serving it so that the dressing was evenly distributed. It made enough for a single serving as a light meal, or two side-servings. If you have some sprouts, add those as a topping for extra-fanciness.
apple radish salad 4
I've been spending a lot of time in the garden, and it was nice to be able to enjoy some of the fruits of all the work -- even though it is more fun than it is work. Up until the last week or so, the weather here has been very wet. There were a few days when there was standing water in the garden (no good...) and some of the veggies were looking a little unhappy. But after a week of sunshine, almost everything has doubled in size!
Yellow Pepper
Yellow Pear Tomatoes (remember when they were just babies??)
Baby Basil Sprouts! -- I've got Thai basil and Italian basil started. To anyone interested in planting basil, I would recommend starting it from seed, I think it grows way better than the plants you buy. :)
Zucchini - I'm pretty sure it was 6" bigger when I went out this morning than it was in this pic. :)
Everything else is coming in swimmingly now, I was a little worried about the cucumbers and the beans, but the cucumbers have made a comeback and look perfectly fine now. I've managed to salvage one row of beans, and I'll plant another couple of rows tomorrow. The extremely wet weather made it impossible for them to sprout before, and only about 8 plants came up out of four rows. But all is well now :)
apple radish salad 3


Anonymous said...

Oh yum! That salad looks great.

Team Knit ! said...

ooh,that salad looks delicious! And how wonderful to have it mostly made with ingredients from your garden. Growing veggies is so satisfying- I look at my flowering tomato plants and my zucchinis, and it makes me so happy.

- Julie

Michi. said...

yum... if only i had a garden. or, lived closer to you. ;)

Lrc said...

great pics of your garden goodies! a unique salad idea too. I am growing basil(regular kind),italian parsley and is sooo much better from seed. I'm already thinking of what I want to grow under grow lights this winter...its so rewarding to eat what you grow.

Cassiemarie said...

Phoe - Thanks! :)

Julie - I love how rewarding gardening is too! You should post some pics of your garden on your blog!

Michi - I wish you lived closer!! I would share my salad with you!

Lrc - I am planning next year's garden as well! haha For the basil, make sure if you really want it to bush out that you pinch off the flowering heads - that way it will keep growing new branches! :)