Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Studio Clean Up and 'Old' New Work

I've finally gotten around to posting some pictures of my newest watercolor paintings.

I've had a bit of a slow start to the semester for more than a few reasons, but I'm working past them, and getting moving this week. I cleaned out half of my studio, and organized the other half. I wanted to have a blank canvas, a fresh start.
This is the 'business' end of the studio. I switched out the old couch as well and replaced it with a different one. I'll be posting some new paintings soon!


Anonymous said...

I love your paintings.

GallifreyGirl said...

I love your studio! I love when an artist's workspace is bare and lived in. I also love your paintings!

A Beautiful Party said...

could you now come to my studio and clean up for me? please...?

mimi said...

hey! that's zina's old couch...ahhhhh, the arses that have sat on that couch over the years :-)