Friday, January 9, 2009

Yarniness - Odds and Ends

So I went home for X-mas, and I saw these huge presents under the tree and thought to myself, why did my Mom get me big body pillows, that is strange... Upon opening the gifts, I found myself much less confused. Instead of body pillows, she had gotten me some llama roving from another hockey mom (don't confuse my mom with Sarah Palin please, she doesn't wink at the end of her sentences - haha). I've already spun some of it up, and it is very warm and easy to spin.
There is also some amount of veggie matter in the fiber, so it probably won't be suitable for against-the-skin wearing, but I can either line what I make, or stick to outerwear/blankets/slippers etc. I'm SURE I'll find plenty to do with it. It is such a lovely shade of gray, and I think I'll have fun both leaving it natural and over-dyeing it.I also got this little pretty as a gift. Yeah I know, I already have a nice DSLR, but I've been wanting something that is a little easier to take with me in my travels when I'm not taking 'real' pictures. The big selling point of this camera was that the manual mode is easy-peasy to use, and that it has a recharchable lithium battery. I am smitten.
And remember those mittens I was working on, well, they are gifted and gone now. I made a pair for both of my sisters, and here is Molls, my youngest sister, modeling hers. Look how perfectly they match her jacket and snowpants! This is pure coincidence since I had no idea she was getting a jacket for x-mas. Amazing right?
And here is something I'm knitting for myself. Just another cowl. I actually cast off on this yesterday, and I'm working on a pattern, so I'll have some nice modeled pics as soon as I can get the husband to cooperate and take them. :)
I've been fairly busy this last week getting prepared for next semester. I feel like break flew by especially fast this year. I start teaching and classes this Monday, and I'm feeling fairly prepared. I'll be teaching a figure drawing class this semester, which is one of my favorite things to do/teach, so I am excited. I am also taking fibers, painting, and contemporary art history. Wish me luck! I'll need it!

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