Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Through the Lens Photography

I've been playing around with my camera lately, after seeing some beautiful photographs online somewhere using the "through the lens" photography method. Basically, all you do is take an old camera with a viewfinder (I am using an old Kodak Brownie camera) and I pointed out my window, and then I took a picture of the viewfinder with my Nikon D50.
I played around with the top one in Photoshop, but the bottom one is straight from the camera, no editing.
I really love how they are turning out, and I am planning to do a series of these this next semester that relate to my studio work.


Anonymous said...

that is a really cool idea--i may have to go out and get an old camera just so i can try this--the photos are great!

i've tagged you for a blog meme--i chose you as a fellow admirer of one of my favorite movies, "amelie." feel free to ignore; i don't want to be "spammy." i have a feeling i'll be stopping back by here either way...

Anonymous said...

oops--here's the link to the meme:

the Lady said...

Fun stuff.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Thanks Cassie! :) Wishing you and your hubby a great year as well!

Btw- neat lens pics. They actually remind me of still-clips the movie the Ring.

It's cool that you venture out to new and intersting things.

Heather said...

Ooh, that top one's gorgeous...what an interesting technique!