Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching Up

Can you believe this kitten? I was doing some homework today, and she just climbed into that basket and sat in there for about 3 hours. I'm home sick today, so I'm using it as an opportunity to catch up on some homework and things that have been piling up. I've also been editing some pictures that I had sitting on my camera, and editing pictures for my class' blog.
Last week Nate took me out for dinner the night before valentines day. We went the night before because neither of us enjoy really crowded places. I'm a lucky girl eh?We went to a really great Italian restaurant in town. Our food was really great, as was the wine. It even started to snow a little bit outside, so it made for a really beautiful winter night. Nate had some pasta with sirloin steak. and I had linguine with scallops, mussels, and shrimp in a spicy red sauce. In this pic it is buried under a pile of parmesan. We had to explain to our waitress we were from Wisconsin, so excessive cheese is the norm for us. :)It was a nice way to escape a little bit from the daily grind. If I am feeling better by next weekend, I am planning a trip into Milwaukee to visit my sister/ force her to do my taxes for me. I am lucky to have an accountant as a sister. :)


Team Knit ! said...

Is there anything cuter than a cat in a basket?! that dinner looks amazing!!

- Julie

Cassiemarie said...

Thanks! I was going to put more pictures of rascal up, but i was afraid of coming off to cat-ladyish - hahah

petra said...

Your cat is a twin of my cat! I take lots of dog and cat pics all the time, but only post a small fraction online. I think I have the same fear as you. Anyway, the kitty is cute as a button!