Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Common Octopus from Amigurumi Knits!

Let me preface this project by saying Hansi Singh is an amazing pattern designer!
Cassiemarie's Common Octopus
Project Details:
Yarn -- Handspun bulky 2ply llama and pink recycled yarn.
Needles -- Size 8 dpn's, yarn needle
Modifications -- went up a couple needles sizes and used a bulky yarn, used scrap yarn for stuffing, and wooden buttons for eyes.
Cassiemarie's Common Octopus
All of the parts before assembly. I cut it close with the pink yarn - I only had about 24 inches left when I was finished!
Cassiemarie's Common Octopus
Bottom view.
Cassiemarie's Common Octopus
The giant squid is next on my list. :)
Also, our beans finally came up!
green beans!


Trina said...

Wow that looks great!

kim strom said...

That is awesome :)

Lrc said...

Wonderful octopus! I like how realistic it looks. Yeah for the beans!

hibou said...

GAH!!! So cute! Also, I think I have the same curtains as you. Same ikea taste! ;)

Lyndzi said...

I just finished this little guy too, in size 8's as well. And I'm almost finished with the squid, only the mantle and fins left.! http://ladypurl.blogspot.com/2009/06/amigurumi.html

Reaper said...

I'm having a problem with knitting the mantle and head section... Casting on 4 sts, then doing KRL, K1 to get 8 sts. The 4th round, you're supposed to do KRL, K1 to get 16sts. If you do the math, you'll get 12sts instead of 16sts... is there a problem withe what was written in the book or do I have a problem with my knittins?