Monday, August 18, 2008

...and it was all yellow...

We are starting to re-decorate our apartment , and I've been having a lot of fun with revamping some of the things I already have. It is fun just to see what a little paint can do to things you are not really attached to. I've really been loving yellow lately. So I've been trying to incorporate it throughout our apartment. I had painted this mirror (which was originally gold and chipped all over) green with silver highlights (it was still ugly). But now it is a cheery ochre yellow and resides in our bedroom. I really love it now!

You can see the former color being painted over in this picture - I don't know what I was thinking when I originally painted it - eew.We also found out that we are allowed to paint the walls in our apartment. We are doing 'crisp wheat' (which is fairly yellow) in the kitchen, and a medium gray color in the living room. Hopefully I'll have the kitchen done by tonight. Here is the one finished wall before and after:

It is amazing how much a layer of paint can make a place feel a lot more like a home.

I also forgot to show some of the little treasures I got while in Galena. First off, there is a wonderful yarn store there called FiberWild. I got these pretties there, they are recycled cotton, and I think I'm going to make a sleeveless top out of them. It is nice and soft cotton.
Also, look what the hubby got me for our anniversary! He know I love rings, and he did some researching on my Wists and my Etsy Favorites, and found this wonderful ring from Elizabeth Scott Designs on Etsy. I love love love it! I especially love the rounded band, it is really comfortable. It is also very well made. I'm sure this will be a staple for a long time. :) Well, I'm off to finish painting, wish me luck!


the Lady said...

Oh, you lucky thing! I really want to paint our apartment too. It's great the difference some paint can make - I found an ornate, gilded mirror too, at a salvage yard. It looked terrible till I painted it - I went for lilac though:-)

Pretty yarn!

Kristine said...

I love yellow! Everything from ochre to bright, banana yellow.

Your apartment looks great with the newly painted walls. I have been thinking about, I may have to take the plunge.

Team Knit ! said...

yellow is such an awesome colour, I agree! Your new yarn looks lovely, and so does that ring! Lucky you. : )

- Julie