Sunday, August 31, 2008

Garden Update 2

I cannot believe how prolific this basil has been! I'm planning on making batches of pesto with it, and then freezing it, so that it will last us through this winter. I read somewhere that if you pull off the flowering heads of the basil, that it will keep growing new leaves longer, so that's what I've been doing, and it has worked like a dream!
My parsley is finally coming up all of the sudden too. It's been slow to grow until recently, but now I've got a ton of that as well.
I also got the first cucumber out of my garden a few days ago. When they were growing, I started thinking to myself "hmmmm those cucumbers sure look strange, and pale, and wrinkly...." Turns out I didn't read my seed packets closely enough, and I got Armenian cucumbers, not regular ones. They stay wrinkly and light, but they are also super crunchy and almost completely seedless! The perfect cucumber in my book! Look how prettily they slice as well! They look like cute little flowers. I've been making sandwiches with them for the last few days. Just cheese, cucumbers, hummus, and red onions with a little honey-dijon dressing. Yum. There are three more baby cucumbers still on the vine, and I'm sure a few more will come in before it gets too cold out.
Also, there is some kind of bug that is eating my pretty little zinnias! I've been having to pick them the day after they open up because if they are open for a few days these little green bugs start to destroy them. I'm really not up for using any pesticides though, so I guess that's the price I'll have to pay. I did find this little pretty poking itself up from the wildflower patch the other day though.
I'm still waiting on the tomatoes. I'm getting way too anxious for them to ripen. I'm one of those people who can eat a warm fresh tomato just like an apple. No salt or anything. Yum.
I also strung some basil in the kitchen to dry out. It made the kitchen smell really good!
The green beans are also flowering again, so we'll get a second round of those in a week or so as well. My homely little garden has been such a good learning experience for this year. I'm already planning next summer's garden. :)


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

I have a basil plant too, and the whole top is flowering heavily. I would cut them (thanks for the tip!), but they are planted in a pot, and it would get way too top-heavy. Plus, I don't use it quite enough, sadly. Nice idea for drying them. I was just contemplating how one goes about doing that with out it getting to wrinkly.

Your garden looks great! I can't wait to have my own place to grow a garden. Your coffee sign caught my eye because I know my kitchen will have a coffee theme. I already bought a mat & towl set with "coffee," "latte," and such written on it. :)

carolynswafford said...

Congrats on the prolific garden! Doesn't it feel good? I love those cucumbers! Seedless and pretty!

Lyla Lou said...

oooh so pretty. I can eat tomatoes like an apple too!