Friday, August 15, 2008

One Year!

We celebrated our one year anniversary a few days ago with a trip to Galena IL. We went on our honeymoon there last year, and we went back to the same place this year.
Don't we look happy?
We stayed at the Farmer's Guest House, which is a bed and breakfast right on the edge of downtown Galena. It was a very relaxing stay, and we made full use of the hot tub and the wonderful breakfasts that they serve. Jess and Kathy, the owners, were excellent hosts, and I'm sure we are going to be back there soon.
Here was the little cabin where we stayed, it is right behind the main building.

Nate and I had to go on the alpine slide while we were there, it was like a mini-bobsled down a ski hill, and then we got to ride the ski-lift back up. What a handsome guy, eh?
There was also wine, which was great. We toured the Galena Cellars and then did a wine tasting afterwords. My favorite was the raspberry wine. The guide gave us a piece of dark chocolate to chew on, then when it melted she told us to take a sip of the wine. Yum.
Don't I look like I know what I'm doing? Hah....
We also ate a lot of good food. Here we are outside of Vinnie Vinucchi's. We ate a lot on the trip -- good thing we walked a lot too!
Although it has been a crazy and busy year ( moving, starting grad school, changing jobs, cats, ect....) it has been a great to spend it with my great hubby. Happy anniversary Nate!!


carolynswafford said...

Happy anniversary, Cassie -- you guys do look like a very happy couple!!!

Anonymous said...


Mackenzie said...

Aw you two are adorable! Sounds like you had a lovely anniversary. Congrats!

Team Knit ! said...

You do look really happy- congrats!

p.s.- Is that a bulky mini cardi you're wearing, in the last picture?

- Julie

the Lady said...

Happy Anniversary, you guys are so cute and sweet looking!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! You look like the cutest pair I've seen in ages!

kim strom said...

Happy anniversary to you guys, too. It looks like you had a great trip. We should get together before things get too crazy as a new semester begins.