Friday, August 8, 2008

Garden Update

My garden is starting to take off! We have been enjoying some of the benefits around here.

My favorite things are the flowers, these are some of the wildflowers that have been popping up:
The Thai Basil is huge! I've been using it on everything. It is really good on toasted sourdough with hummus, tomatoes and cheese. Yum. There is also a regular basil plant coming up along with the thai basil, which is fine with me.

Zinnias, quite possibly my favorite flower. They are easy to grow, they grow fast, and they keep growing new flowers when they are cut! Here are a couple of them right before they open up:

Oh, and tomatoes! I was determined to grow tomatoes, but I was starting to get scared that they weren't going to grow to maturity before it started to cool off. I started these from seed, and about half of the plants are coming along just fine. Some of the plants are still only about 5 inches tall though (this one is about 2 feet tall now), and I'm not really sure why there is such a gap between the plants. It is strange.
All in all, the only thing that has been scrapped is the spinach, we got it in too late and it shot straight up without producing very many leaves. I got 2 measly salads out of all 8 plants. Oh well. We have gotten a lot of green beans though, they are really tasty too. I think it is pretty amazing considering I haven't used any pesticides or commercial fertilizers at all.
Can you tell I love my homely garden patch?


carolynswafford said...

Cassie, you are doing awesome! It is the most satisfying thing to eat things that you have grown! Congrats!!!

Team Knit ! said...

your garden is really impressive! zinnias, basil, and tomatoes all look great. the pictures are awesome!

- Julie

Cassiemarie said...

Thanks guys. :)
I'd have shown the green beans as well, but we devoured all of those already.

w said...

gorgeous garden!