Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good Friends, Good Times

chitown 02
Over the last week and a half I've been busy catching up with my good friends and my sisters. I've been all over Wisconsin and Illinois. It all started with the Dells, I met my little sisters for a few days of water parks and shopping. We had a great time going on water slides, eating lots of food, and trying on lots of clothes. The weather couldn't have been nicer, not too hot, not too cold. It was really great to spend some time with them - we all live a good two hour drive from one another. Molls, my youngest sister, just turned 16 and is getting her license soon. She has also passed Amy, the middle child, in height which is just plain weird. Hopefully she won't pass me up, she's got a couple inches to go before that happens. Amy just got engaged about a week ago as well! I am super exited for her and her fiance. I don't think she could have picked a nicer guy. Plus, I think Nate is going to enjoy having another guy around in my family of all girls!
But alas, I didn't bring my camera... I've got to start remembering to bring it along more!
After that adventure, Nate and I got together with our good friends from college - Johnny and Tony. They've always been really great friends to us, not just the kind of friends that call you up when they need something. We hung out in Madison and stayed at Johnny's parents house. The next morning we just relaxed in the pool, and had a good chance to catch up with one another. It was uneventful in the best of ways.
chitown 05
A few days later, Tony and I made a trip into Chicago to go gallery hopping and meet up with another friend of ours, Elizabeth, who Tony has known since he was a kiddo, and I met in undergrad. Tony was in Art Ed, and Elizabeth and I were both painting majors. We explored the sights (and smells...) of the West Loop.
chitown 01
Tony is living in Vegas now, and I'm pretty sure he will end up in LA someday. I miss him a ton already, and keep trying to convince him to come back to the midwest. He is actually more like a brother to me. We joke that we were separated at birth, like Tia and Tamara.
We parted ways after gallery hopping, and I met Nate in Wrigleyville later that night to go see Josh Ritter. You may recall we've seen him quite a few times - but his live shows never get old.
josh ritter concert
It was a wonderful concert to top a stellar week.
Wow, no wonder I am a little tired today. :)

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A Beautiful Party said...

sounds so great! what and where is that fabulous painting? lets go to the city together before school starts.