Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nate's Show at the Fixx Coffeehouse

A couple of nights ago the husband played a show at the Fixx Coffeehouse in Milwaukee. Both my younger sisters, my sister's fiance, and my dad made it out through the fog and the rain to see the show.
nates concert
It was a nice relaxing night of acoustic music. He played with a good friend of his, Tony Memmel (Nate just got done recording his new CD), and they switched off throughout the night.
nates concert
It was nice to see my sisters as well!
Amy and Zach:
nates concert
Molls... :)
nates concert
We also got to see my sister's new house, which is really nice. Nate and I have been daydreaming about houses a lot lately, but alas, we have no idea where we'll end up due to the crazy nature of the economy and the unpredictability of both of our professions. Ahh well. One can still daydream right?

Check out their music here:


abby said...

haha!! that picture of Moll looks a lot like one of your crazy faces!! Ohhh sisters :) Would have been great to hear Nate play out- it has been so long!!

Jacqueline said...

I can't believe your sister is getting married and has a house! Wow. Anywho, as soon as Nate has a CD, I want to buy one!

midnightsky01 said...

I've been dreaming about a house too.

midnightsky01 said...

Let me add to that. I've been dreaming of a house that let's me have my own space for my hobbies, a place to have a garden so I can have pretty flowers and herbs, a place that is quieter than where I live now. I have a feeling you have some of the same dreams Cassie.

Cassiemarie said...

we miss you guys! we should force nate and paul to play a show together soon. peer pressure!

crazy right? I am getting old...

I do indeed! We have a few of those things, and maybe I'm being selfish wanting the whole kit and caboodle, but I am getting tired of being in constant transition! I hope you get those things soon! :)